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Latest Blogs

  • What did Ancient Greek philosophers and scholars think about democracy?
    10 min read Democracy was a desirable form of governance. Democracy was a desired rule of governance, but it was not without its critics. One of the most vocal critics of democracy was one of the greatest philosophers of Ancient Greece, Socrates (470 B.C.E.–399 B.C.E.). Socrates was accused of “corrupting the youth of … Read more
  • Democracy has ‘old’ roots, but they go beyond those of Ancient Greece
    13 min read The history of democracy is long and complex. There is more to the history of democracy than “the standard history of democracy” as Benjamin Isakhan, Professor of International Politics at Deakin University, refers to. The history of democracy stretches beyond the familiar tale of Ancient Greece, then the “American Declaration … Read more
  • Why Open-Source Matters for Digital Democracy? Interview with Plausible Analytics
    50 min read This article features the transcript of the first video interview with Marko Saric, the co-founder of Plausible Analytics that was conducted on April 14, 2021. In this interview, I spoke with the co-founder of Plausible Analytics, Marko Saric, about how they are using their open source tool to help make … Read more
  • Why Should Countries Have Long-Term Strategic Visions? The Next 50
    28 min read Time flies. So does the cliched saying go. The next 50 years will come sooner than we think, especially for many countries. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of having a long-term strategic vision for countries. The idea that a country should plan is not new, but … Read more
  • We Need To Rethink Democracy In Smartphones – Fairphone Case Study
    16 min read Smartphones are ubiquitous. In 2020, nearly half (3.8 billion) of the world’s population (7.8 billion) were smartphone users. The share of the global population using smartphones will continue to grow across the world. Mordorintelligence, a market research company, projects that the global smartphone market will grow at a Compound Annual … Read more