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  • How to Democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Why It Matters?
    This article aims to explore ideas how to democratize artificial intelligence, using artificial intelligence ChatGPT. Quick Summary Democratizing AI involves making AI tools and technologies more widely available and easier to use, so that more people can benefit from them. Benefits of democratizing AI include enabling more people to participate …

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  • Ultimate Resource Guide for Democratizing Our Daily Lives
    Welcome to the Ultimate Resource Guide for democracy activists, practitioners, supporters, and enthusiasts. This section will guide you through the purpose of the document and how to best make use of it. Note: The links marked with an asterisk “*” are affiliate links. We may earn a small commission at …

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  • Why Does Privacy Matter for (Digital) Democracy?
    Privacy is a physiological need for social animals. It is more than a human right. This is part of what we have discussed in the interview with Dr. Milan Stankovic, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Sorbonne University in France, and a co-founder of Blindnet, a B2B (business to …

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  • Will Democracy Survive World War III? Ideas for Promoting Peace
    The focus of this article is not to serve as a commentary on political and war events around the world or specifically in Eastern Europe, there are many of those. The goal is how to draw lessons to apply democracy in our daily lives, at work, at school, in the …

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  • What did Ancient Greek philosophers think about democracy?
    Ancient Greek philosophers had to grapple with what democracy meant. From Plato, to Socrates, to Aristotle, the thinking of democracy slowly and gradually evolved, as these great philosophers observed how democracy was practiced in the ancient world. Democracy was a desirable form of governance. Democracy was a desired rule of …

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