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  • Compare and Contrast Autocratic and Democratic Leadership Styles
    9 min read There is a growing trend to incorporate democratic principles in our workplaces. Rather than comparing and contrasting autocratic and democratic leadership styles in politics, we will do so in our workplaces, where we spend most of our waking hours. When we think of democracy, we should think of democratic principles … Read more
  • Why Care? Individualistic Culture Vs Collective Culture In Democracy
    9 min read Culture matters. Today, democracy is under threat. We see “the decline of democracy” across many countries, including ones deemed the “beacon of democracy,” like the United States. The absence of “democratic culture” plays a major role in the “decline of democracy” we are seeing today. Today, we will analyze how … Read more
  • Do We Live In A Plutocratic Oligarchy? Why It Matters For Democracy
    8 min read The United States is currently facing a significant threat to its democratic system. Although it may enjoy many of the freedoms of a democracy, such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, and fair and regular elections, the US has lost the ability to represent the will of the people … Read more
  • What Are Credit Unions, How Do They Work, And Why They Matter?
    10 min read As we consider the role of democracy in our daily lives, we must look at how our money is managed and whom our financial institutions seek to benefit. Quick Summary Actions If you are more of an action-oriented person, you can read some action steps to take. Traditional banks concentrate … Read more
  • What Does Democratize Mean And How To Build A Democratic Lifestyle?
    9 min read Democracy is more than just a political participation. We must reimagine democracy and make it part of our regular lifestyle. Quick Summary Action Steps To jump straight to some of the actionables, please click the link here. Every Democracy Looks Different, But Each Shares A Commitment To Empowering People Today, … Read more

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