What Are Credit Unions, How Do They Work, And Why They Matter?

It is best to plant the seeds of change early. Financial management is essential to democratic empowerment.

As we consider the role of democracy in our daily lives, we must look at how our money is managed and whom our financial institutions seek to benefit. Quick Summary Traditional banks are for-profit entities focused on profitability and return of value to shareholders. Credit unions are member-owned “non-profit” (civil society organizations) that seek to …

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What Does Democratize Mean And How To Build A Democratic Lifestyle?

Democracy needs to become part of our daily lifestyle if it is to succeed and further develop.

Democracy is more than just a political participation. We must reimagine democracy and make it part of our regular lifestyle. Quick Summary Democracy is about empowering individuals and communities without harming others. Democratization is a process without an end goal. It adapts to the technological and socio-economic changes as we advance. We need more democracy …

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