Democracy is in decline, but there are ways to reverse the trend

If we want to live in a democracy, we must practice it on a daily basis. Democracy must be a lifestyle, not a rare occurrence.

Stefan Ivanovski, Lifestyle Democracy

We Need To Learn To Democratize Our Lifestyle

Democracy is a powerful way to govern, but it can be hard to apply in the real world.

We’re living in an age where democracy is increasingly important, yet we have less time than ever before to learn about and practice democratic principles.

Lifestyle Democracy is building an actionable knowledge base created that allows you to quickly find information on how to apply democratic principles. Whether it’s for your workplace or community group, our resources will help you empower yourself and others today as well as shape the future of democracy tomorrow.

Why Is It Important To Democratize Our Lifestyles?

1. Democracy is a work in progress

Democracy is about empowering individuals and communities without harming others. It took over 2,000 years since the Athenian democracy for women to have the right to vote. Let’s not spend another 2,000 years to empower the disempowered.

2. Democracy requires regular practice

Just like going to the Olympic games once every 4 years does not make one an Olympic athlete, the same way one does not become a democratic citizen by voting once every 4 years. If we want to live in a democracy, we must practice it on a daily basis. Democracy must be a lifestyle, not a rare occurrence.

3. Democratization is a process without an end

Our understanding of democracy needs to adapt to the changes of the present. Let us discover the democracy of the future by learning from the trendsetters and practicing it today.

4. Democracy is a community effort

Just like it is easier to spend the good and bad times in life with friends, it is easier to ride the bumpy waves of democratization together. Let’s work together to build a better democracy!

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